Volume PCB Assembly

PCBFuture specializes in low volume PCB assembly services and middle Volume assembly services  with customized function. We are equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities for low-to-middle volume custom PCB assembly. And we have multiple assembly lines which can easily adjust and modify according to electronic product requirements and specifications in a shorter time.

We take care of the entire PCB assembly from PCB manufacturing, components procurement, SMT assembly, through hole assembly, testing and delivery. Being a leading electronic assembly manufacturer offering volume PCB assembly services, we assure that your product is entirely risk free with low cost.

PCBFutures Capabilities in Volume PCB Assembly

We are the circuit board assembly specialist in the industry who offers highly reliable printed circuit board assembly service. Our experienced and responsible experts helps PCBFuture to offer our customers with the most suited assemblies as expected for their specific applications. 

• Design for Testing (DFT)

• Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

• BGA assembly

• SMT assembling component placement from 0402 to fine pitch QFP

• RoHS compliant assembly

• Through hole PCB assembly soldering

• Hand PCB soldering service

• Lead-free PCB assemblies

• Precision component lead forming

• No-clean as well water wash process

The benefits for our Volume PCB Assembly:

• All our bare printed circuit boards are 100% test (E-test, Solderability test, FQC and etc).

• Multiple assembly lines to meet the most demanding of customer requirements.

• Provide prototype PCB assembly service for testing before the mass production.

• Start mass production after customer pass all testing or provide second time prototype PCB assembly production. 

• Conducting AOI inspection and visual inspection on all PCB assembly process.

• Using X-ray inspection on BGA and other complex packages.

• if any assembly issues found, our experienced engineers can resolve them before shipping.

• We have highly experienced team to resolve all assembly issues and ship the quality populated PCBs to you on time.


We have confidence in providing you the best combination of turn-key PCB assembly service, quality, price and delivery time in your Small batch volume PCB assembly order and Mid batch Volume PCB assembly order. 

If you looking for a ideal PCB assembly manufacturer, please send your BOM files and PCB files to sales@pcbfuture.com . All your files are highly confidential. We will send you an accurate quote with lead time in 48 hours.