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What is PCB fabrication and assembly?

A company offers both bare board fabrication and assembly services in-house, and approach with a seamless transition between bare board fabrication to assembly. Customers have simply one order, one invoice from one supplier.

The assembly process is dictated by a variety of factors – including the type of board, electronic components, the assembly technology used (I.e. SMT, PTH, COB, etc.), inspection and test methodologies, the purpose of the PCB assembly and more. These elements all require a process that requires a steady, experienced hand to help guide assets across all phases of production.

Whether you need PCB assembly, PCB fabrication, consignment assembly or turnkey material-procurement assembly, PCBFuture have what is necessary to manage your entire project efficiently. With over 10 years of experience in PCB services, we learned that reasonable assembly cost, high-quality service, on-time delivery and good communications are the keys that keep our customers happy and is how we made our business successful.

Best PCB Fabrication And Assembly Manufacturer – PCBFuture

The benefit of PCB fabrication and assembly?

1. There are no carriage costs associated with shipping the bare boards prior to assembly, as all production is done in-house. Bare boards are simply transferred from the PCB fabrication department and onto one of the assembly lines.

2. The risk of errors are reduced through better interdepartmental communication, as opposed to working through a series of ‘middle men’ either in this country or overseas.

3. It will reduced lead times and thus a reduced ‘time to market’, as there are no delays associated with waiting for the bare boards to be delivered following manufacture. Delivery as quick as this helps maintain customer momentum.

4. It is also much easier to oversee and audit one company’s manufacturing process than assess that of several. For example If a customer wants to discuss a project or solve a technical problem, it will be much cheaper and more convenient to visit only one supplier.

A significant investment in equipment needs to be made before electronic components can be professionally placed and soldered onto your printed circuit boards such as automated stencil printers, pick and place machines, reflow ovens, automatic optical Inspection (AOI) machines, X-ray machines, selective soldering machines, microscopes, and soldering stations.Because we are committed to meeting your lead time and quality requirements we are constantly investing in the latest technology in SMT and through-hole equipment.

The benefit of PCB fabrication and assembly

Why choose us PCB Fabrication And Assembly:

1. A terrific team of engineers, programmers, SMT operators, soldering technicians and QC inspectors.

2. A state-of-the-art facility with the latest SMT and through-hole equipment that we have the best resources to meet all of your PCB assembly requirements.

3. We can provide turnkey PCB assembly service that will provide the best printed circuit boards for your projects.

4. A state-of-the-art quoting & ordering online system.

5. We specialize in small and medium runs with fast lead times.

6. provide superior quality products and services with on-time delivery at very competitive prices.

7. All our PCBs are UL and ISO certified.

8. All our Standard Specs PCBs are built to IPC-A-6011/6012 latest revision Class 2 with inspection based on IPC-A-600 Class 2 latest revision, in addition to customer specified requirements.

9. All Standard Specs Printed Circuit Boards are electrically tested.

PCBFuture help customers improve performance, quality, and costs across the board – all at the same time. With our global footprint, engineering, fabricate capabilities, dedicated new product development/introduction and prototyping facilities, we can bring the best quality products to market faster than any competitor. We are ready and able to use all of our global material expenditures and low-cost facilities to give full play to your advantages and help you and your team achieve substantial benefits in terms of cost efficiency and return on investment.

Why choose us PCB Fabrication And Assembly

We can provide service:

Ÿ   PCB Fabrication

Ÿ   PCB Assembly

Ÿ   Components sourcing

Ÿ   Single FR4 boards

Ÿ   Double-sided FR4 boards

Ÿ   High technology blind and buried via boards

Ÿ   Multilayer boards

Ÿ   Thick-copper

Ÿ   SMT PCB assembly

Ÿ   High frequency

Ÿ   Multilayer HDI PCB

Ÿ   Isola Rogers

Ÿ   Rigid-flex

Ÿ   Teflon

We can provide service

PCBFuture have the engineer service support. As PCB& PCB assembly manufacturer can’t move on without engineer support. Our engineer team is composed of many experience engineers. Almost all the popular products they have experience for production support. Except production experience , reverse engineering are all within their service. Engineer they always give strong support for PCB assembly.

Reliable PCB Manufacturing & Assembly. More than 2000 companies cooperation with us because they think we are reliable. Now, many coming as referrals from satisfied customers. Due to the latest technology, it is possible to process and implement your projects cost-efficiently and future-proof. The customer concern is always the focus!

If you have any questions or enquires, feel free to contact , we will reply to you ASAP.


1. When do I need to choose components?

It can be convenient to select components early in the design process. This is the best way to ensure that there is no conflict between the actual design and the components being assembled. If you consider component size from the beginning, you no longer need to consider component space and size, and the PCB assembly process can proceed without obstacles.

2. How do you ship the boards.

We ship using DHL or UPS.

3. How long does it take to get a quote?

In almost all circumstances we will quote within one day of receiving the enquiry, and usually we would expect to reply within 4 hours.

4. Do you offer expedited services?

Our expedited service is usually, 4 to 10 days for prototype, and 5 days to 4 weeks for production.

5. How should I provide special instructions?

You can either send us an email mentioning your special instructions or send us a readme file with your specifications.

6. What types of testing is done on my assembled boards?

a) Visual Inspection
b) AOI Inspection
c) X-Ray inspection (for BGA’s and fine pitch parts)
d) Functional testing (if required by customer)

7. Do you offer conformal coating services?

Yes, we do offer conformal coating services. For more information, please contact us at:

8. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, please contact us at:

9. What type of laminates do you use in PCB fabrication?

We use a variety of laminates such as FR4, High TG FR4, Rogers, Arlon, Aluminium Base, Polymide, Ceramic, Taconic, Megtron, etc.

10. What surface finishes are available?

HASL, Lead free HASL, ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP, Soft Wire Bondable Gold, Hard Gold