PCB assembly Capability

PCBFuture provides our customers with reliable Turnkey PCB assembly service that achieve good quality results at competitive prices. One-stop PCB assembly service including PCB manufacturing, Components sourcing, PCB assembly and Test. As a leading printed circuit board assembly company, we specialize in surface mount and through hole assembly, all our systems and machines configured to meet the design, specification and volume of your electronics assembly services.

We have strong capability for surface mount PCB assembly, and the high-precision SMT production lines from Germany, Japan and etc. Our engineering team are professional and reliable enough to take care of DFM, engineering, production and testing. We fastest can delivery turnkey PCB electronics in a week. 




PCB requirements

PCB size

Smallest size: 10mm x 10 mm

Max size: 500mm*800mm


PCB type

Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex, Metal Base


Surface finishing

HASL Lead or Lead free, ENIG, Im Silver, OSP, Gold plated, etc


PCB Shape

Any shape


SMT Capacity

5 million points per day


Order quantity

1 piece to 500,000 pcs



Single and double sided SMT/SMD

THT (through hole technology assembly)

SMT & through hole assembly


Smallest Chips size



Fine pitch

08 Mils


Lead-less chip carriers



Wave soldering




Microscope to 20X

X-Ray Inspection

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)


Solder Type

Leaded and Lead-Free


Component packaging


Cut Tape

Tray or Tube

Partial Reel and Full Reel


Files required

Gerber files or design files

BOM List (Bill of Materials)

Pick and place files if have

Get your PCB Assembly Quote:

PCB Assembly cost including PCB Manufacturing cost, components cost, PCB assembly/Testing cost. To obtain an accurate quote, please send your Gerber files, BOM list, production requirements and the quantity required to sales@pcbfuture.com . We will get back to you with a official quote within  2 days.