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What is turnkey PCB assembly?

Turnkey PCB assembly also called One stop PCB assembly. It is a service that the supplier handle all aspects of PCB solutions, including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, components sourcing and Test. Therefore, order a turnkey PCB services give you more freedom to focus on electronic product design and sales work.

As one of few quality-focused Turnkey PCB provider, PCBFuture has more than 10 years of experience in providing fast, reliable and cost effective turnkey PCB services. Our expertise in Turnkey PCB make our customers to save more time and money. Our reliability keeps us in the lead in the PCB industry in China.

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The benefits of Turnkey printed circuit board assembly

There have many benefits if you chose the Turnkey PCB assembly a supplier, Like:

1. You can reduced costs

We normally need to work with many suppliers for the turnkey orders. Couple suppliers means you will need couple times for shipping, one stop-PCB assembly manufacturer will help you eliminate the shipping cost. What’s more, single professional supplier would make your work much more efficient, it can help you reduce your internal management expenses. Cause our centralized management of orders, our work will be efficient and cut the cost.

2. You can get good quality

Since the reliable PCB assembly manufacturer have build long-term cooperation with suppliers that can help them obtain the best component quality with lowest price. If you want to purchase the components yourself, you are likely to get the original transaction. This is simply because you may not have the expertise to check quality. If you are a one-time buyer, the chances are even greater.

3. You can unlimited number of orders

Sometimes, you can find it is hard to purchase components for your prototype or small quantity orders. Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturers have systems that can put small orders together and combine them into one large order. Your turnkey PCB assembly partner will be happy to manufacture your PCBs in the required quantity. As your business grows, you can maintain the same partner.

4. You can shorter the delivery date

If you think about having to go through all the process of PCB assembly separately. You will have to place an order for your PCB fabrication, then purchase couple orders for all components, and finally get an assembly contract. If these suppliers are located in a different country(Many time it does), this process will take longer. In a full turnkey PCB assembly, all of this is done together. The procurement process is reduced to one, this could eliminating all communication with multiple partners. Reducing the number of communications and quotations can reduce the chance of project distortion. Having to give three different quotes opens up a vast space in which errors may occur. This increases the possibility of damage to the product.

5. It will be more convenient

The production of the first prototype is usually a very slow and expensive process. As a result, tedious tasks such as out-of-stock electronic components, slower delivery times, and keeping in touch with many sellers around the world become tedious. With Trunkey PCB assembly, you can design prototype more efficiently. Iterating products and bringing them to market quickly at an affordable price has never been easier.

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PCBFuture’s turnkey PCB assembly service aim to provide one-stop PCB shop plan which can save your money, time and annoyance. Professional and reliable are the key for turnkey PCB assembly success, these are all we have. We could provide with flexible services with single point of contact, mean while have a team of experienced engineers back up. PCBFuture’s PCB assembly service are the first choice for small businesses, large corporations, and entrepreneurs.



What's the main factors affecting the turnkey PCB assembly price?

When it comes to turnkey PCB assembly, many factors determine its cost. Starting from the technology used for the number of components, there are a series of aspects that directly affect the cost. However, what is often forgotten are many indirect factors that also increase the cost of PCB assembly. These factors include areas such as lack of testing equipment and even lack of well-trained manpower. Best practices (such as lack of design for assembly and design for manufacturing) can also have a significant impact on improving efficiency and reducing costs. In the design phase itself, the components must be selected with extreme care. Similarly, the placement of these components will also affect the cost. For example, ensuring that the design is designed for manufacturing can also go a long way in eliminating problems in the design phase and controlling costs. If it is not handled correctly, the design and placement of components may seriously affect the cost.

Summary, there have several main factors including:

1. The order quantity

2. PCB technical requirements like layers, type or surface and etc.

3. Mix Surface Mount assembly or Through Hole Technology.

4. Single or Double Sided board SMT assembly

5. Total quantity of components

6. The types and generality of components

7. Complexity of printed circuit board assembly

8. Number of BGA components and Parts

9. Other special requirements

Why choose our turnkey PCB assembly service?

In these years, there have more and more customers use our turnkey PCB assembly service, and most of them build long-term partnership with us. We can handle the whole process including PCB Manufacturing, Components Sourcing, PCB Assembly, Testing and final shipment. Our customer can focus on product design and customer services.  

1. High-value, professional Full Turnkey PCB Assembly more than 10 years.

Since its establishment in 2009, PCBFuture has cooperated with customers in many countries/regions, especially in Europe. We can provide a full Turnkey PCB services, from PCB prototyping, circuit board manufacturing, PCB assembly to component procurement services, all of which can guarantee quality and cost-effective prices. Our products are widely used in aerospace, military, automotive, data communications, industrial control, Internet of Things, medical, power, energy, railways, safety critical, telecommunications, LED lighting and other fields. With decades of accumulation and experience.

2. Best service quality

As a PCB company, PCBFuture can fully meet the needs of customers and can provide timely and personalized services that many large companies cannot provide. In order to make up for the inconvenience caused by the international time difference, we have set up flexible working hours to cooperate with customers to the greatest extent and respond to customers in a timely manner. Our exemplary customer satisfaction testifies to our ability to impress customers. When producing PCBs, we provide component procurement services and PCB assembly according to customer requirements, thus saving customers the time and cost of finding suppliers. For old customers with large orders, we have irregular feedback activities, such as free samples and order discounts. We believe that our hard work and loyalty can impress customers.

3. More flexible to meet your PCB Assembly needs

Whether you need a prototype PCB assembly or small batch and mid batch PCB assembly, we can meet your needs overall, since we have two production department for them. In this way, it could avoid troubles when your products in mass production process, since we have all production information record.

As for all turnkey PCB assembly projects and customers, we will have specially-assigned person responsible for it, so if the customers have additional requirements like testing, inventory, packing or shipping, we can meet them.

The most important thing for you is to find the right partner, a reliable turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer will help you produce high quality products and get it to market quickly. We are the turnkey electronics provider you can trust.

What kinds of turnkey PCB assembly we can provide?

  • Prototype turnkey PCB assembly  PCB assembly
  • žVolume turnkey PCB assembly
  • žQuick turn PCB assembly
  • žPartial turn-key assembly
  • žConsignment assembly
  • žRoHS compliant lead-free assembl

We have the ability to organize incoming raw materials, process control, and fine testing, and can provide you with the best PCB assembly services from small batch to mass production. During the PCB installation process, if there are defects related to PCB design and PCB manufacturing, our engineers will report DFM reports.

How to choose the best Turnkey PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

Generally speaking, the following are the most important factors when you looking for the best Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer:

1. Printed Wiring Board quality

One of the most important factors to consider is quality. Of course, everyone or company will always want to use the highest quality circuit boards for their products.

Generally speaking, high-quality motherboards have strict tolerances on key issues. These include the width and spacing of the traces, the location and size of all drill holes and vias, and the exact copper thickness of the trace.

2. PCB Assembly and PCB Capabilities

The Capabilities is what we should consider. If the manufacturer could produce your PCB and assembly them will be the first question we need to know. You should also understand the types of soldering technology, circuit board and component sizes, inspection, PCB requirments, and other processing capabilities that supplier can provide.

3. How’s the customer service

Turnkey PCB assembly service aim to provide one-stop PCB shop plan which can save your money, time and annoyance. Professional and reliable are the key for turnkey PCB assembly success, these are all we have. We could provide with flexible services with single point of contact, mean while have a team of experienced engineers back up.

4. What’s the Cost for turnkey PCB assembly

Cost is obviously an important factor. However, it is necessary to weigh the product quality, delivery time and services provided. After all, if these conditions do not meet your needs, then you have not reached an acceptable level.

PCBFuture is the industry leader in turnkey PCB assembly. We use advanced equipment and software-driven processes in your circuit board assembly. Each stage of the manufacturing process is designed to be fast and accurate. And all of our efforts are trying to save your cost without lower your quality.

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    PCBFuture has build our good reputation in the full turnkey PCB assembly service industry for prototype PCB assembly and low volume, mid volume PCB assembly. What our customers need to do is send the PCB design files and requirements to us, and we can take care of the rest of work. We are fully capable of offering unbeatable turnkey PCB services but keeping total cost within your budget.

    If you looking for a ideal Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer, please send your BOM files and PCB files to . All your files are highly confidential. We will send you an accurate quote with lead time in 48 hours.


1. Do PCBFuture offer prototype Turnkey PCB assembly service?

Yes, we can provide with turnkey PCB assembly prototype service and our MOQ is 1 piece.

2. Can you provide free turnkey PCB Assembly service before mass production?

Yes, we provide free turnkey PCB assembly service, the quantity does not exceed 5pcs. And the value of your sample order does not exceed 2 % of the mass production value (excluding freight). Last we need to charge the sample fee first and return the cost of the PCB sample during mass production.

3. Do you offer partial turnkey PCB assembly service?

Yes, you can choose partial turnkey PCB assembly service. You can contact to know more.

4. How long can you quote the cost of turnkey PCB assembly?

We need 1-2 working days to refer to the assembly project. If you did not receive our offer, you can check whether there is an email sent by us in your Junk mail folder. If we did not send the email, please contact twice for help.

5. What is the expected delivery time for a turn-key PCBA order?

The general lead time for the fulfillment of PCBA orders is about 2-5 weeks. This includes PCB manufacturing, component procurement, and SMT DIP assembly.

6. Can I send you some components for my future assembly orders?

Yes. Before you send them to us, please contact us with full details of the shipping information, quantity, and part numbers.

7. What files do you need for PCB assembly orders?

Normally, we can quote the price to you base on the Gerber files and BOM list. If possible, Pick and place files, assembly drawing, special requirement and instructions better to provide with us too.

8. Can you provide quick turn turnkey PCB assembly orders?

Yes, we can provide fast service.

9. Why do we need to provide basic information of our company and projects to get a quote?

As you may know, normally it will need to take a lot of time to quote the Turnkey orders. And in order to provide best service to you, normally we will need the company’s basic information to establish a file for all customers. Also if we know long range planning for the projects, we are more able to quote the best price and plan to you.

10. What’s the key advantages of PCBFuture?

Easier vendor manage, Cost saving, Reliable high quality, Flexible, Professional