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PCBFuture is one of the best Electronic Assembly Companies in China.

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PCBFuture was established in 2009. It specializing in PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and components sourcing. PCBFuture has passed ISO9001 : 2016 quality system, CE EU quality system, FCC system.

Over the years, it has accumulated a large number of PCB manufacturing, Production and debugging experience, and relying on these experiences, provide major scientific research institutes and large and medium-sized enterprise customers with a one-stop manufacture, welding, and debugging of high-efficiency and high-reliability multi-layer printed boards from samples to batches This type of service is widely used in various industries such as communications, aerospace and aviation, IT, medical treatment, environment, electric power, and precision testing instruments.

What are Electronic Assembly Companies?

Electronic assembly companies are engaged in the business of manufacturing and testing printed circuit board assemblies, cable assemblies, cable harnesses, wire harnesses and printed circuit boards used for electronic products in a wide range of industries. For many reasons, it is very advantageous to let the third party to manufacture these components.

Benefits of electronic assembly company?

Electronic assembly companies provide flexibility for smaller companies with limited production and alleviate human resource issues. What’s more, the design purpose of the electronic assembly company is to specialize in large-scale economies of scale, including manufacturing, raw material procurement, and pooling resources including industrial design expertise. They also provide value-added services such as engineering design, manufacturability analysis, functional testing, troubleshooting services and subsystem integration. This frees up customers who don’t need to manufacture and keep a large inventory of products. As a result, customers can respond to sudden spikes in demand faster and more effectively.

Why choose our electronic assembly service:

  1. All engineers have more than 5 years of PCB experience.
  2. The factory is equipped with various advanced production equipment.
  3. The staff has abundant production, debugging and inspection.
  4. we have what it takes to meet your project needs from concept to production and also be your complete electronic engineering partner no matter how large or small your project is.
  5. We specialize in new product introduction and scale up to volume manufacturing, supporting the entire customer design cycle and promoting long term partnerships.

We can provide:

1. RoHS compliant PCB's.

2. RF PCB Manufacturing

3. Laser microvias, blind vias, buried vias

4. Bare board electrical testing

5. PCB Impedance testing

6. Fast turn times

7. Surface mount technology

8. Thru-Hole Technology

9. Pcb fabrication and assembly

PCBFuture service combines a full solution from layout design, to manufacturing and logistics programs. The services will definitely help you to increase your competitiveness, by timely customer support, strictly quality control, and good pricing, with dedicated & specialized production facilities in the cost-competitive country.

If you have any questions or enquires, feel free to contact sales@pcbfuture.com , we will reply to you ASAP.