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Why should work with PCBFuture

Are you looking for a specialists who will help you to assembly high-quality PCB prototypes and low volume runs on time and at a competitive price? 

With decades of experience in the electronic industry, PCBFuture is here to provide end-to-end one stop PCB Assembly services to designers and businesses.

Whether you are a electronic designer looking for a specialized PCB assembly prototype or an engineering business looking to assemble a small-to-medium volume printed circuit boards, we would love to provide you with high quality products and excellent service.

1. High quality PCB manufacturing services

PCB are the cornerstone of electronic products. PCBFuture start business from printed circuit board production, now we are one of the world-leading printed circuit board manufacturing enterprises. We has passed UL safety certification, IS09001: 2008 version of the quality system certification, IS0 / TS16949: 2009 version of the automotive product certification, and CQC product certification.

2. Turnkey PCB Service

With over a decade's experience in development, fabrication, assembly and testing of custom PCBs, we're now capable to provide a full range of services, from prototype PCB assembly, volume PCB assembly, different kind of circuit boards fabrication, components sourcing service. Our turnkey PCB service can provide with one stop shop approach which can help you to save the money, time and hassles. All our service are guaranteed quality and cost-effective price.

3. Professional prototype PCB assembly and quick turn PCB assembly service

Prototype PCB assembly and quick turn PCB assembly always been a trouble for many electronic designers and companies. PCBFuture can get your PCB assembly prototype to you at competitive prices with fast turnaround times. Which will help you put your electronic products to the market faster with affordable price. We have professional and flexible prototype PCB assembly team to handle every aspect of the process including circuit boards manufacturing, procurement of components, electronic assembly and quality control. So our customers can focus on design and customer services.

4. Shorter lead time and lower cost

Traditionally, customers need to get quotations and compared from different PCB manufacturers, components distributors and PCB assemblers. Facing with different partners will take a lot of your time and energy, especially with various components which hard to find. PCBFuture committed to helping you solve problems with providing reliable One-stop PCB service, we can provide with prototype and volume PCB assembly service. Centralization and simplification of work, smooth manufacturing  and less communication will help to shorter the lead time.

Should the full turnkey PCB service will increase the cost? The answer is No in PCBFuture. Since our purchase amount of components is very large from, we often can get better discount from world well know parts manufacturers or distributors. Moreover, our pipelined work systems for turnkey PCB orders can efficient centralized processing a large number of RFQs and orders. The processing cost for each turnkey PCB projects are reduce, and our price are lower under the same condition of quality assurance.

5. Excellent value add service

> No min order quantity required, 1 piece are welcome

> 24 hours technical support

> 2 hours PCB assembly quotation service

> Quality guaranteed services

> Free DFM check by professional engineers

> 99%+ customer satisfaction rate