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What is quick turn PCB assembly?

Quick turn PCB assembly is a manufacturer provide fast printed circuit boards population service. With the fast development of electronic industry, there have more and more customers have great demand of quick turn PCB assembly.

The quick turn PCB assembly enables them to keep abreast of new market trends and keep pace with competitors. However, customers should be aware of the fact that there must be a reliable, experienced and cost effective company to meet their quick turn PCB assembly requirements, which will enable them to complete key projects by the deadline.

Whenever you need fast, low-volume or prototype printed circuit board assemblies, no other company can provide you with reliable and accurate assemblies as Accelerated Assemblies do. We help our customers shorten the product development cycle, and help them avoid using boards that are manually assembled by in-house technicians. We guarantee the timely delivery of highly reliable quick turn PCB assemblies for prototypes, small batch production and new product introduction (NPI) quantities.

What is quick turn PCB assembly

Why we need quick turn PCB assembly service?

1. Reduce the time to market

The PCB prototype assembly process at PCBFuture, the assembly process follows the same best practices as our complete turnkey PCB service. From the initial design and layout review to the selection and procurement of the best components, prototype assembly and testing, our goal is to help you achieve market feasibility while reducing production time and cost.

2. Reduce the cost

The main advantage of quick turn PCB assembly is cost savings. With the shortening of production time, the cost of each PCB will be greatly reduced. What’s more, the total cost of purchasing components at a cost-effective price using a reliable assembler tends to be reduced.

3. Rich time to test the product

Quick turn PCB assembly can provide quality, accuracy and cost savings. Through proper evaluation, their design is feasible to ensure excellent experience and avoid any expensive rework and market delays. Manufacturers are committed to minimizing production time.

4. The most effective choice

It is important to choose the most economical choice to develop products. From this perspective quick turn, PCB assembly service can handle the whole process. This will simplify the complex logistics and product development process in the whole production process. It's going to be a profitable decision because it reduces the chance of rework.

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The main problems we face when we need quick turn PCB assembly?

1. Many manufacturers did not want to provide prototype electronics assembly services because the order amount are small.

2. The electronic assembly manufacturer could not order all the required components with same parameter.

3. They could not find the low cost pcb assembly companies compared they assembly the prototype PCBs themselves

4. The PCBA manufacturer did not profession enough, could not assembly their products with high quality.

PCBfuture are aim to end these and provide high quality and low cost quick turnkey PCB assembly service.

PCBfuture has rich experience producing prototype and low-to-mid volume PCBs and have an experienced assembly team to ensure your PCB assembly quickly. Our turnkey PCB assembly lead times are the shortest in the industry, fastest we ship out the assemble PCBs to our customers in 3 days.

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Why choose PCBFuture for your quick turn turnkey PCB assembly service?

1.PCB Prototyping fastest in 24 hours

PCBfuture start business from PCB manufacturing, we have strong PCB capabilities to meet your tough project deadlines. For the Single side PCB/ Double side PCB and 4 layer PCB, we fastest can produce out in 24 hours.

2.Quick turn electronic components sourcing

PCBfuture have build strong cooperation relationships with world famous components distributors like Digi-Key, Arrow, Mouse, Avnet, and Chip one stop etc. We also have establish strategic cooperation with the primary agent of the original components manufacturers. What’s more, we have rich inventory  for many commonly used components. That make sure we can prepare high quality electronic components with best price and lead time.

3.Quick turn electronics assembly services

By using the sophisticated and advanced SMT and Through hole machines, we are able to assemble different kinds of PCBs with misted technology rapidly. Different with many PCB Assembly manufacturers, we have a dedicated team and SMT assembly lines responsible for the quick turn pcb assembly and prototype pcb assembly orders.

From quick custom quotes as per your requirements, PCB manufacturing, Components sourcing, SMT Assembly, DIP Assembly, Test and shipment, step on to step two and so on. We have conscientious PMC Team to follow the process and make sure we can ship out the boards to customer on time.

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Base on the excellent PCB manufacturing and reliable quick turn components sourcing support, we can guarantee you can get  satisfying electronics assembly  services. We are look forward to working with you for the PCB assembly projects. For more information, please email to .

FQA For Quick Turn PCB Assembly

1. How fast you can provide us the quick turn PCB assembly quotation?

We fastest can quote to PCB assembly in 1 hours, and for turnkey PCB assembly service, we fastest can quote to you in 4 hours.

2. Can you provide prototype quick turn PCB assembly?

Yes, we can provide quick turn PCB prototype service.

3. Can you sourcing components for my assembly?

Absolutely. You can count on us for turnkey assembly.

4. How do you handle unused components?

Unused parts can either be shipped to you or kept with us for your next order.

5. Is your quick turn PCB assembly ROHS compliant?

Yes, absolutely.

6. What are the different surface finishes that you cater for quick turn PCB?

We offer the following surface finishes:

Ÿ   Hot Air Solder Leveling (HASL)

Ÿ   Lead-free HASL

Ÿ   Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)

Ÿ   Immersion Silver and etc.

7. What are the different boards that you cater for quick turn printed circuit board assembly?

We deal with rigid, flex and rigid-flex boards in multi layers.

8. Do you cater to different quick turn PCB assembly types?

Yes, we offer the following:

Ÿ   Thru-hole

Ÿ   Surface Mount (SMT)

Ÿ   Mixed Technology (Thru-hole/mixed type)

Ÿ   Ball Grid Array (BGA)