Components Sourcing

After years of hard working, PCBfuture has developed strong cooperation partnership with world most famous components distributors, which enabled us to get the high quality components from authorized suppliers and manufacturers. Now, PCBfuture have 18 professional procurement engineers and we have develop well-organized and most accurate sourcing methods for electronic components. All our works help us to shorten the supply chain and procure original parts with most economical price. Besides, Our PCB Assembly BOM quotation lead time can be as fast as 24 hours.

High Quality Electronic Components

PCBfuture always know the quality is the key thing for customers, and the components is the main reason for the electronic board could work long or not. Since that, we build strong cooperation with those authorized and famous components suppliers, including Arrow Electronics, Mouser, Avnet, Digi-key, Farnell, Future Electronics, etc. What’s more, we will thorough inspect all incoming electronic components before they are stocked in our warehouse.

Prototype and Small-to-Mid Components Sourcing

We all know electronic components sourcing are the key part in the turnkey PCB assembly service and it also need a big drain of energy, resources and time for it. Compared to Volume pcb assembly, the Prototype pcb assembly will be uneconomical for engineers and designers. PCBfuture have created efficient procurement method make us can source and quote the required parts fast. Relying on the close cooperation of the team, we can quickly quote the BOM, no matter it is prototype or volume orders. Also it can help us to find the hard-to-get components too.

Less costs

Every year, PCBfuture buying a large number of components from well-know distributors and components manufacturers. A large amount of purchase allow us to obtain relatively low price from them. This help us to reduce our cost which has further enabled us to pass the benefits to our customers. Our wide scope turnkey PCB assembly orders minimizes the need for extra inventory storage for the electronic components for us.

Our primary goal is to make PCB Manufacturing, Components Sourcing and Electronic assembly as our job, and let our customers concentrate on electronic engineering and design.

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