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PCB Manufacturing FAQs:

What does PCBFuture do?

PCBFuture are a globally professional manufacturer providing PCB fabrication, PCB assembly and components sourcing services.

Which type of PCB boards do you manufacture?

PCBFuture can produce many kinds of PCBs such as single/double-sided PCBs, multilayer PCBs, Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCBs and Rigid-flex PCBs.

Do you have minimum order quantity (MOQ) for PCB orders?

No, our MOQ for PCB production is 1 piece.

Do you provide Free PCB Samples?

Yes, we provide Free PCB samples, and the qty is no more than 5 pcs. But we need to charge the samples first, and return the PCB sample cost in your mass production if your sample order value not more than mass production value’s 1%(Not including freight).

How can I get a quick quote?

You can send the files to our email sales@pcbfuture for quotation, we can quote to you in 12 hours normally, fastest can be 30 mins.

Can I have my boards manufactured in panels?

Yes, we can work with single PCB files and manufacture boards in panels.

Can I just place the bare PCB order?

Yes, we can only provide with PCB manufacturing service to our customers.

Why do you use the online quote service

PCB online quote just work for rough price and lead time, we specilize in high quality PCB production, so detailed DFM check and accuracy are important. We insist on the combination of machine and manual work to minimize customer design risk.

How to count the lead time of PCB production?

PCB order lead time will be counted after all of the EQs of PCB fabrication been solved. For normal turnaround orders, count from the next working day as the first day.

Do you have the DFM checking for our design?

Yes, we can provide with free DFM service for all orders.

Turnkey PCB assembly FAQs:

Do you provide prototype PCB assembly (low volume)?

Yes, we can provide with turnkey PCB assembly prototype service and our MOQ is 1 piece.

What files do you need for PCB assembly orders?

Normally, we can quote the price to you base on the Gerber files and BOM list. If possible, Pick and place files, assembly drawing, special requirement and instructions better to prvoide with us too.

Do you provide free prototype PCB assembly service?

Yes, we provide free prototype PCB assembly service, and the qty is no more than 3 pcs. But we need to charge the samples first, and return the PCB sample cost in your mass production if your sample order value not more than mass production value’s 1% (Not including freight).

What is Pick and Place file(Centroid file )?

pick and place file is also called Centroid file. This data, including X, Y, rotation, side of board (to or bottom component side) and reference designator, can be read by the SMT or thru-hole assembly machines.

Do you provide turnkey PCB assembly service?

Yes, we provide turnkey PCB assembly service, which include Circuit boards production, Components Sourcing, Stencil, and PCB Population and testing.

Why some of the components sourcing price from you are higher than those if buy by us?

Electronic components imported to China have to add 13% VAT and some of them should be charged with Tariff, which is different from HS code of each part.

Why some of the components sourcing price from you are lower than the price which shows in distributors websites?

We work with many wrold famous distributors like Digi-Key, Mouse, Arrow and etc, since our large annual purchase amount, they give us much lower discount.

How long you need to quote the Turnkey PCB projects?

Generally it take 1-2 working days for us to quote assembly projects. If you did not recevied our quotation, you may can check your email box and jun folder for any email sent from us. If no emails sent by us, please double contact sales@pcbfuture.com for assistance.

Can you unsure the quality of components for our PCB?

With years' experience, PCBFuture have built reliable components sourcing channel with world well-know distributors or manufacturers. We can get best support and good price from them. What's more, we have quality control team to inspect and verify the quality of components. You can be relax for the quality of components.

Can I have a credit account?

For the long-term customers who cooperate with us more than six months and with frequent orders every month, we offer credit account with 30-day payment terms. For more details and confirmation, please contact us and we will get back to you quickly.