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PCBFuture is one of the best pcb manufacturing and assembly manufacturer.

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PCBFuture have strong quality control system and all the certificates such as TS16949, UL, RoHS, CE, ISO, etc.. For PCB, we have Flying Probe Test and E-Testing. For PCBA, we have IQC, AOI, Function Test, QA. These are basic but very important factors for PCB industry.

As the most popular electronic assembly companies in China, we have been providing full-spec electronic manufacturing solutions for 10 years to meet the needs of the Chinese market.

We have customers from different industries in terms of cost-effectiveness, quality, delivery and any other requirements. From PCB layout to PCB prototyping, mass manufacturing, and then PCB assembly, electronic box assembly services, our printed circuit boards are widely used in robotics, medical, automotive, communications, industrial and consumer electronics products.

We are engaged in the following businesses: flexible PCB, custom PCB, prototype PCB, turnkey PCB assembly, electronic PCB assembly, small batch PCB assembly, etc.

Why choose our pcb manufacturing and assembly:

1.Extremely high precision and precision-Our prototypes are excellent in accuracy and can meet customer specifications. This is because we take quality and details seriously.

2.Fast turnaround-we understand the value of customer time. Therefore, we strive to manufacture your prototype at a reasonable speed. Therefore, our rapid prototype PCB assembly service can shorten your waiting time from a few weeks to a few minutes.

3.Extremely low prices-we have a comprehensive approach to help you keep prices low and affordable. Therefore, we will complete your project with a reasonable budget.

4.Error correction-Our PCB prototype is very important to find defects, so it can avoid major failures later. Eliminating these defects as early as possible can save you a lot of time and cost

5.Quick turn pcb assembly-you can request PCB prototypes. You only need to submit the PCB design and receive the results.

6.Sample testing before full production – We allow you to test prototype boards and confirm whether they work as required.

PCB assembly capability:

Surface mounting (SMT)

Thru-hole (THT)

SMT & THT hybrid

Single or Double Sided Placement

Fine Pitch Components

BGA and more

Information Needed for PCBA:

Given below are a list of electronics and associated consumables that are necessary for printed circuit board assembly:

 Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

 Electrical componentssuch as resistors.

 Soldering materials such as wire, preforms, bar, flux and paste.

 Soldering equipment such as wave soldering machine, surface mounter, SMT-Stencil, soldering fixture and testing tools etc.

Since PCBFuture established, we have co-operated with many companies at home and abroad with the idea of the quality first and client is god which have achieved high popularity. We has earned the trust and support of companies from over 40 countries with competitive prices, good quality products and excellent service.

If you have any questions or enquires, feel free to contact sales@pcbfuture.com , we will reply to you ASAP.