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  • 5 important PCB panelization design tips for PCB Assembly

    5 important PCB panelization design tips for PCB Assembly

    5 important PCB panelization design tips for PCB Assembly In the process of PCB assembly, we will need the SMT machines to paste the components on the PCB. But since every PCB’s size, shape or components are different, in order to better adapt to SMT assembling process, improve efficiency and red...
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  • What should we do before SMT the PCBs during PCB assembly process?

    What should we do before SMT the PCBs during PCB assembly process?

    What should we do before SMT the PCBs during PCB assembly process? PCBFuture has smt assembling factory, which can provide the SMT assembly services for the smallest package 0201 components. It is support various processing ways such as turnkey PCB assembly and pcba OEM services. Now, I will intr...
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  • The common design problem cases for BGA in PCB/PCBA

    We often encounter poor BGA soldering in the process of PCB assembly process due to improper PCB design in the work. Therefore, PCBFuture will make a summary and introduction to several common design problem cases and I hope it could provide valuable opinions for PCB designers! There are mainly t...
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  • Standard of the tin bead on PCBA board

    The acceptable standard for the size of the tin bead on PCBA board surface.   1.The diameter of the tin ball doesn’t exceed 0.13mm. 2.The number of tin beads with a diameter of 0.05mm-0.13mm within the range of 600mm doesn’t more than 5 (single side). 3. The number of tin beads with a diamet...
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  • The PCB assembly production process

    PCBA refers to the process of mounting, inserting and soldering bare PCB components. The production process of PCBA needs to go through a series of processes to complete the production. Now, PCBFuture will introduce the various processes of PCBA production. PCBA production process can be divided ...
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  • How to choose the PCB assembly manufacturer?

    Many customers didn’t know how to choose when they are looking for PCBA factories. There are too many PCB assembly factories, and on the surface they seem to be the same. So how can we find a suitable PCBA factory? It is very important that choose a PCBA factory with suitable production capacity ...
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  • Why choose PCBFuture for Prototype PCB assembly

    1. Strength guarantee SMT workshop: we have imported placement machines and multiple optical inspection equipment, which can produce 4 million points per day. Each process is equipped with QC personnel so that keep the product quality. DIP production line: There have two wave soldering machines. ...
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  • Who can provide PCB Assembly service for industrial control boards

    PCBFuture is a PCBA OEM manufacturer that provides the professional PCB manufacturing, material procurement, PCBA one-stop rapid production and other high-quality services with customers. It can provide PCBA OEM services for industrial control panels. PCBA business involves mass EMS and OEM proce...
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  • Where can you order the quick prototype PCBA

    PCBFuture is a PCBA processing manufacturer with its own PCB board factory and SMT chip factory. It can provide PCBA fast proofing services to customers. Now, I will introduce PCBA fast proofing capabilities and processes. The PCBA rapid proofing capability: PCBFuture has 10 professional componen...
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  • How to ensure electronic components are original

    PCBFuture is a professional PCBA manufacturer that can provide PCBA OEM services such as PCB manufacturing, component procurement, SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, assembly testing, etc. Now, let us introduce how the PCBA factories ensure that the purchased materials are original? Com...
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  • How long will the delivery time after the customers orders the PCBA boards?

    The PCBA delivery time is closely related to the pre-operations. The customers need to provide the following items first. The goods can be delivered within 3 days after all the materials are complete. If there is DIP processing, it will take 5-7 days to deliver. If have urgent orders that can be ...
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  • How companies can reduce SMT assembly costs

    Presently, China has become the manufacturing plants worldwide. Facing the market competition, how to continuously improve product quality, reduce the product cost, improve the efficiency, and shorten lead times is a major part of manufacturing company management. SMT is surface assembly technolo...
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