Prototype PCB Assembly

Why need Prototype PCB Assembly?

In order to make sure a new electronic products are perfect before launch to market, we will need to test the prototypes before mass production. PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly are necessary process for prototype turnkey PCB production. Prototype PCB assembly is for functional test purpose, so the engineers could optimal design and fix some bugs. Sometimes it may will need 2-3 times, so find a reliable electronic assembly manufacturer is very important. 

What is our Prototype PCB Assembly service?

PCBFuture are good at printed wiring assembly service. With our professional soldering technicians, SMT handling Engineers and component sourcing specialists we can provide an low cost PCB assembly, highly flexible assembly process with quick turn service. Below are list of some services we provide:

> One-stop PCB fabrication and assembly

> Cheap PCB assembly

> Prototype PCB assembly services (quantities from 1 to 25 boards)

> Quick turn PCB assembly

> Single or double sided SMT assembling

> Thru-hole Assembly, EMS PCB, and mixed prototype assembly

> PCBA Function test

> Personalized and standardized service

Why Customers Like Our Quick Turn PCB Assembly?

PCBFuture can get your PCB and PCBA prototype to you fastest in a week or days, normally our lead time are 3 weeks, not months. All our work will help you to get your PCB assembly prototypes then test faster, which means you can sell your electronic products faster.

We have high availability of components, and establish long term and cooperative relationship with authorized well know components distributors and manufacturers. What’s more, we have specially assigned engineer responsible for each project and could provide with flexible assembly options to our customers too.

Fast prototype PCB assembly service can save the prototype and test cycle. And it help you make your products comes to the market faster than your competitors, also reduce the cost too.

The world runs more fast and ever before. Often the company that is the first to market gets the lion’s share of the profits. At PCBFuture, we want accompany with you and provide with fast PCB prototype manufacturing and electronic board assembly service.  

How to Get Quick pcb assembly cost before Placing Order?

If you need a prototype PCB assembly quote, please send us following files to , you will get full quote in 48 hours (Normally in 24 hours).

• Gerber files

• Bill of Materials (BOM List)

• Quantities and other special tech requirements if need

PCBFuture is qualified to manage the complete turnkey PCB process, which includes the sourcing of all components (PCB and parts), PCB assembly, quality control, functional test and delivery. If you need a urgent quotation ,you can request 24hours quote.