Turnkey PCB Assembly

PCBFuture the reliable turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer

PCBFuture has build our good reputation in the full turnkey PCB assembly service industry for prototype PCB assembly and low volume, mid volume PCB assembly. What our customers need to do is send the PCB design files and requirements to us, and we can take care of the rest of work. We are fully capable of offering unbeatable turnkey PCB services but keeping total cost within your budget.

Turn-key PCB assembly including: PCB production, components sourcing, PCB population(assembly), testing and shipping. PCBFuture’s turnkey PCB assembly service aim to provide one-stop PCB shop plan which can save your money, time and annoyance. Professional and reliable are the key for turnkey PCB assembly success, these are all we have. We could provide with flexible services with single point of contact, mean while have a team of experienced engineers back up. PCBFuture’s PCB assembly service are the first choice for small businesses, large corporations, and entrepreneurs.

The advantages of our Turnkey PCB Assembly service

In these years, there have more and more customers use our turnkey pcb assembly service, and most of them build long-term partnership with us. We can handle the whole process including PCB Manufacturing, Components Sourcing, PCB Assembly, Testing and final shipment. Our customer can focus on product design and customer services.

Advantages 1: Easier Vendor Managed

For the turnkey PCB assembly service, it including PCB manufacturing, Components Sourcing, PCB assembly and etc. If we use multiple vendors for each of them, it could be overwhelming, especially when they are scattered around the world. Also any miscommunications and delays between these vendors, it could bring much trouble with you. But if you choose us as your turnkey electronics supplier, you have single point of contact to cooperate with and we could help you a lot in your project management.

Advantages 2: Cost Savings

Couple vendors means you will need couple times for shipping, one stop-pcb assembly manufacturer will help you eliminate the shipping cost. What’s more, single professional supplier would make your work much more efficient, it can help you reduce your internal management expenses. Cause our centralized management of orders, our work will be efficient and cut the cost.

Advantages 3: Reduce errors and time

If there have couple suppliers to meet your PCB assembly service, it will be more easier to arise misunderstanding and will need much more time in communication, especially when there have time zone and language barrier. For the turnkey pcb assembly provider, their design, manufacturing and assembly department know how to work together to cut the errors , cost and time.

Advantages 4: More flexible to meet your PCB Assembly needs

Whether you need a prototype PCB assembly or small batch and mid batch PCB assembly, we can meet your needs overall, since we have two production department for them. In this way, it could avoid troubles when your products in mass production process, since we have all production information record.

As for all turnkey PCB assembly projects and customers, we will have specially-assigned person responsible for it, so if the customers have additional requirements like testing, inventory, packing or shipping, we can meet them.

The most important thing for you is to find the right partner, a reliable turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer will help you produce high quality products and get it to market quickly. We are the turnkey electronics provider you can trust. 

Get a quick PCB assembly quote from us

If you looking for a ideal Turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer, please send your BOM files and PCB files to sales@pcbfuture.com . All your files are highly confidential. We will send you an accurate quote with lead time in 48 hours.